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Food Storage

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What kind of food storage equipment do you carry?: We carry two types of food storage equipment at this stage of our business.One is a chafing dish used to keep food warm during your function and the other is Coffee/Tea/Beverage Storage Urn to keep your drinks warm or cold during your party. Below are the some images showing the type of chafing dish and Beverage Storage urn we carry.

Standard Beverage Storage



Coffee Urn

Our One-piece Camtainer polyethylene outer shell combined with thick foam core insulates against heat loss for hours. Thermo beverage container can hold up to 4.5gals or 86 cups (7oz/ea.) of liquid and keep it cold or warm for up to 7hrs or more. We also Carry a 100 Cup Coffee Urn you can use to Brew Coffee or Tea at any Party.

Standard Chafing Dish


Chafing Dish

We rent full size 9qt stainless steel chafing dishes. They come with a cover,water pan, fuel holder and food pan. Large special events, holiday gatherings or tailgate parties a chafing dish will make food service convenient. The Included fuel 2 receptacles heats water contained in the main dish which in turn keeps your food piping hot and enjoyable for hours. 2 Fuel gels are included with every chafing dish rental, extra fuel can be purchased at an additional cost.

 Standard Chafing Dish Fuel Gel


Chaffing Dish Fuel Gel

We carry a standard 200g chafing dish fuel gel, each chafing dish needs two fuel gels to heat it up. This fuels last for around 2hrs. (2 Fuel gels are included with every chafing dish Rental)



 6ft BBQ

 We carry 6ftX24" BBQ's. This BBQ is great for making large numbers of burgers etc for large partys like stampede partys and weddings. They are great for cooking large amounts of food for larger amounts of people. Propane and cooking equipment like tongs and flippers/turners may also be provided.



3ft Grille

We carry 3ftX20" Griddle's. This type of Griddle is great for making Pancakes and helping one create a great stampede experience or party. Propane and cooking equipment like pancake flippers/turners and dispensers may also be provided.


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