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Chairs and Tables

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How many Chairs & Tables do you need?: The Number of Chairs and Tables depends on the size of the function and the number of guests you have. Normally a 6ft Table will allow 8 chairs and a 4 ft Round Table will allow 7 chairs (See images below). We carry both a standard Garden chair and General folding chairs in white and Blue. Our folding Tables come in 6ft Rectangular and 4ft Round. We also carry 30Inch Round Cocktails. Below are the some images showing our chairs and tables in different settings.

1 (6ft) Table  & 6 Chairs

One 6ft Table with 8 Standard Garden Chairs

4ft Round Table and 7 Chairs

One 4ft Table with 7 White folding Chairs

Garden Chair

Standard Garden Chairs

Blue Folding ChairWhite Folding Chair

White or Blue Folding Chairs

30 Inch Cocktail Table

Chairs in Outdoor Wedding Set-up

White Folding Chairs at an Outdoor Wedding


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