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20x30 Tent Assembly

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Extra Parts Needed- 6-8ftLadder, Mallet, 3-4 People, Must be used together with 20x30 Tent image figure. Everyones Safety must come first.

1.Layout the Parts A,B,C and join them to Parts 2 on a flat area forming the roofs outer diamond on the ground.

2.Place Both Part D's in the outer center .

3.Join Parts 1 and 4 Together and attach them to Both Part D.

4.Join Parts Both Part D's to Part 5.

5.Now join Parts 4 of the Roof to Parts A,B,C of the Diamond forming the Tents upper frame.

6.Now lift the whole frame in four corners and install parts 3 to Parts A,B,C finally making the tent stand on its own. Note this is best done with 4 or more people in mind to avoid any damage to the frame and you don't have to lift the frame above your head, only lift it high when ready to install part 3.

7.Install pegs using a mallet to the bottom of all parts 3.

8.Open your Canopy on the ground and start installing your Canopy by moving it over the tents roof gently. The more people doing this part the better to avoid placing all the weight of the canopy on one section of the tent frame. Best done by going over poles on the B,C side to get to part D faster.

9.Position the Canopy so that its peaks are over points D.

10.Install Both Treaded Poles through parts D but only screwing in the first treaded section through (use provided screw jack).

11.Place the white Caps over the threaded poles.

12.Now with the use of a ladder and help of someone else push the threaded poles to the next set of threads and just thread in at least two threads to form the peaks of the tent.

13.Install the canopy to ends by hooking the end hooks to the holes on parts 3 poles.

14.Tie provided ropes to the canopy points close to parts A,B,C to the ground and peg.

15.Install walls if you like.

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